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Thousands of brides with hearts set on purchasing a unique gown from our collection are part of the Hayden Olivia story and for that we extend immense gratitude. 
Our historic uptown location is part of who we are, part of our brand and we have fought numerous obstacles to stay; however it is with much prayer and consideration, we’ve determined not to reopen our brick-and-mortar retail location on S. Tryon.

Boutique Sample gowns and accessories below.  All items will ship the following day.  

EST 2008


Sample Gowns Available

Gre*** Shipped 01/18
Mc**** Shipped 01/18 
 W*** Shipped 01/29
 Bo** Shipped 12/21
Chi******* Shipped 01/29
 Lad**** Shipped 02/01
Bra***** Ready for Pick Up 02/12
Fr***** Shipped  02/12
Str******* Shipped 01/25 
Mo**** Shipped 01/17
Mc***** 01/18
Me******* Shipped 2/12
En*** Shipped 2/03 
Gi**** Shipped 1/19
Mc****** Shipped 12/27
Ag** Shipped 01/04
M***** Shipped 2/13
Gor*** Shipped 2/13
Ba*** Shipped 2/19
We**** Shipped 2/19
Th****** Shipped 2/21
Br****** Shipped 2/15
Mo**** Shipped 2/27

Numerous More to Ship and
we will update as we ship weekly


Contrary to local news and reviews from people who are not our brides would have you believe, we are still shipping gowns and accessories to brides for their wedding day. Trust is created through consistency over time and we have that. 16+ years in the same location, in the same market with numerous reviews to prove this.

BRIDES + Fake News Narratives & Others Who Have believed the fake news and disputed their purchase 

There are unfortunate misunderstandings and we understand that panic on behalf of a worried bride who believes this narrative and fake news can lead to a bride disputing her gown purchase to secure a refund and choosing a different gown. If this happens, we are sorry.  WSOC 9 News believes its ok to tell customers to take action in this way as a result of their story.  We have a 16+ year track record of integrity and care for our brides and community.  We will continue to operate from our remote office to ensure the completion of all existing orders. This has never changed, gowns and accessories have been and will continue to ship weekly based on completion and wear dates.  Social media and the internet can be an amazing business tool. It can also be extremely destructive. It gives cyberbullies a platform to harass and manipulate customer trust and it gives news stations their fake headlines.  

To any other news outlets/journalists:  We have been "closed" since Nov 28, 2023.  This is NOT new news.  Of course we have upset brides with our closure- they have been unable to complete a first look and gather their gown in person.  Gowns and accessories have continued to ship throughout this entire time.  Are we perfect- no.  Did we try our best for a smooth disruption- yes! 

*Cyberbullying is illegal in NC and is a Class 1 misdemeanor.  Should the few who are harassing and sending threatening messages online continue, we will press charges to the fullest extent of the law.