Modern Trousseau this Weekend

We are very excited to welcome the most current Modern Trousseau collection to the Queen City this weekend featuring some of the most fashion forward styles designer Callie Tein has designed to date.  Brides who are in the market for a silk or 100% french lace gown in the the 3K-5K price range need to look no further.  The custom options, custom colors, design modifications, designer gifts and t…


Beauties at our Doorstep

We have an announcement- they have arrived!  We are thrilled to share that our LulaKate collection has arrived, the wait is over and now our sweet brides can slip into each of the new styles.  Talk about exciting! It does feel a bit like a birthday or Christmas around here on a regular basis- brides finding the one, new arrivals, tears of joy, kissing brides goodbye as they leave after their fin…