Bra Basics

It is time for alterations and you have a new set of details to think about...bra, panties, bustier, shaper, shoes...the list really goes on and on.  Where do you ever begin looking for these bra type items...the department stores...in the bra departments?!?  The answer is a loud, resounding NO!  We have done the leg work for you, we have worn several styles ourselves (its important to test dri…


Bright Colors & New Arrivals

With the #snOMG storm now past and today being 70+ degrees...people are breaking out the bright colors and we love it!  Just this morning we have seen bright scarves, bright flats, bright handbags and brides are inquiring about bright colors for their maids!  Perhaps its safe to say people plan to enjoy every once of spring and summer after the crazy winter we have had?  As we peruse Pinterest,…


Wedding + Snow = Perfection

Ever dream of a season specific wedding?  I never exactly desired a summer wedding in Charleston with temps reaching 102 degrees, however it was perfect for us and it is our story.  I did dream of a season specific wedding- perhaps this stems from my childhood of being raised in the rockies and enjoying the snow and mountains and skiing each and every winter season.   I dreamed of a winter wedd…


Real Bride Feature: Congrats Brittany!

We adore when brides send over photos of their day and its always an added plus when they are accompanied with a note like this one!  We wish the happy couple years and years of happiness as they begin their new journey together! Brittany wrote:  "I just wanted to thank everyone at Hayden Olivia for helping me find the perfect bridal gown for my wedding day. I absolutely love the "Ainsley" by M…