Kenneth Pool Trunk Show, Dec 2-4

Ladies, if you are looking for a stunning beaded gown, this is the trunk show for you!  Kenneth Pool is known for quality, lux fabrics and of courses the best of the best beading, stones and crystals.  Some of our new favorites just debuted mid Oct.  By attending this weekend's trunk show, you will be among a small group of brides who have had the opportunity to view and try on this collection.…


Buy Off the Rack

We receive several questions each week about sample sale fitting that it is Black Friday Weekend and our brains are almost programmed to the word SALE!!  If you are buying a wedding gown off of the rack at a couture boutique (meaning they do not carry inventory) then you can count on getting a deal or the gown ON SALE!!  Here are a few more details... Hayden Olivia orders gowns twic…


Long Lasting Color

opi axxium soak off gel lacquer

I am hooked!  OPI has a new product called Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer.  When you walk theaisle you want to have manequred nails, right?  You hesitate because you don't want to deal with the acrylic mess...finally a great alternative.  This Gel Lacquer is not harmful to your drilling.  It takes about 30-45 min and lasts 2+ weeks.  It is basically a "gel nailpolish" that does not …


Winter Wrap, Shrug or Pashmina

modern trousseau fur bolero

As the seasons change in the bridal world, so do the accessories.  If you are marrying in one of the winter months, you might be concerned about being cold at some point during your day.  This is the one day when it is not ok for you to throw your grooms coat over your shoulders!  The gown needs to be seen at all times and enhanced by gorgeous accessories...including a wrap, shrug or pashmina. …